Digital Advertising with Facebook Pixel

What matters most to the vast majority of digital marketers is the ability to see direct results and tie advertising costs back to those efforts. Out of all of the incredible tools Facebook has created for marketers, perhaps the most useful is Facebook Pixel. This SlideShare explores the concept of Facebook Pixel in brief.

Serverless Applications – Reduce Code & Increase Efficiency

Serverless computing eliminates infrastructure management tasks for developers such as server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning, so that they can spend more time on developing great products which scale and that are reliable. This SlideShare explores the concept of serverless applications in brief.

Image Processing in a Noisy World

Noise is always presents in digital images during image acquisition, coding, transmission, and processing steps. This SlideShare provides a brief overview of various noise and the filtering techniques of the same is described.

Building Large React Native Apps

React Native is a JavaScript framework, designed for building genuinely native apps for platforms like iOS and Android. It’s based on a JavaScript library created by Facebook called React, and thus brings its power to native mobile app development.