Web3 – The Decentralized Internet of the Future

Web3 technology enables decentralized applications and services that run on a peer-to-peer network, making the internet more secure and transparent. By leveraging blockchain technology, Web3 creates a more open and equitable online experience, where users can participate in a decentralized economy and enjoy greater privacy and security. This SlideShare explores the concept of Web3 in brief.

Deep Recommendations for e-Commerce

Nowadays, product recommendation engines can understand customers in real time and suggest the best matching using several different machine learning algorithms. e-Commerce stores stand to gain by implementing recommendation engines, especially based on deep learning. This SlideShare explores the concept of using deep recommendations for e-commerce in brief.

Application for Blockchain in Crowdsourcing Data

Emerging blockchain-based crowdsourcing is a typical paradigm, which gets rid of centralized cloud-servers and leverages smart contracts to realize task recommendation and reward distribution. This SlideShare explores the concept of Blockchain in crowdsourcing data in brief.

Migration of Containerized Legacy Application to the Cloud

A large part of the IT budget in many companies is used for maintaining and managing the legacy application portfolio. As with all migration approaches, choosing the right legacy containerization technique is a matter of striking the right balance. This SlideShare explores the concept of migration of containerized legacy application to the cloud in brief.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code, also referred to as IaC, is an IT practice that codifies and manages underlying IT infrastructure as software. The concept of Infrastructure as Code is similar to programming scripts, which are used to automate IT processes. This SlideShare explores the concept of Infrastructure as Code in brief.