How the SVG Format is Reducing Carbon Footprint

The internet has a carbon footprint. Behind the rhetoric of digital solutions making our lives lighter, there is a very big problem. Thankfully, there are many things we can do to reduce our internet carbon footprint. One of the means is using the most efficient file format for graphics (such as SVG) to lessen the power needed to load the site. This SlideShare explores the concept of SVG format in brief.

5G-based Product Development

The next generation of wireless connectivity, 5G, is becoming a ubiquitous topic but is still the subject of many myths and misconceptions. Although various use cases are emerging, only a few are compelling enough to generate strong demand in the short term. This SlideShare explores the concept of 5G-based product development in brief.

The Immersive Web and How to Design for It

It’s now more important than ever to deliver an online experience that authentically delivers the perspective of the brand it represents. Immersive web experiences are truly the next level of engagement, creating an environment that is seamless and entertaining to the user. This SlideShare explores the concept of the immersive web.

Next Generation Rendering with Angular Ivy

Ivy is Angular's new rendering pipeline and view engine. Smaller bundles, faster compilations, better debugging, dynamic loading of module & components, and advanced concepts like higher order components are promised by this 8.0 version of Angular.