We have deep experience in product innovation and help our clients meet their milestones by bringing in skilled engineers who apply advanced technologies and proven methodologies. Sakha helps customers conserve precious capital, design profitable software products, and create go-to market strategies.

Sakha can partner with startup enterprises, as well as established companies, on virtually all of the disciplines required to bring a new software product to market. Our Software Product Development Services provides end-to-end product and team development from proof of concept to product maturity, live product deployments, product re-engineering, multiple product releases and go-to-market.


Cloud based & email integrated collaboration and engagement platform that simplifies governance, risks and compliance management for entrepreneurs and companies. No more endless chain of emails or unorganized documents or lack of visibility about compliances or pain involved in reporting or collaboration. Kaarya provides a single platform for managing investor relations, reporting, compliance management and document management leading to better governance and reduced risks. Know more at

Find vacant parking spots in Real Time all across Singapore. Covering 3000 Parking Lots & over 425,000 Parking Spots across Singapore. Enter your Destination, see Parking Locations with Vacancy information. Easily Navigate to your preferred Parking location. Get a List view of Parking Locations, sort by Distance or Price. Available for Android & iPhone. Know more at

India’s first reverse logistics solution to enable the efficient management of the logistics of product return, re-use, repair, re-manufacture, recycle or disposal. Designed for multiple verticals and business models, the desktop & mobile solution reduces turnaround time and losses related to product returns.

Cycle Baba is India’s first and only cycling community app and marketplace, which caters to localized and private cycling community. Cycling enthusiasts are provided with classifieds for buying & renting bicycles, parts and accessories. Also features active discussion boards on cycling.

Treetle is among the pioneers in helping users pursue their interests and activities along with like-minded people in their neighborhoods. The app features interest-specific clubs, discussion boards and events to brings people together in hundreds of cities to do more of what they want to do in life.

Shipment tracking solution with app for ground staff & customers, delivering millions of parcels, documents and freight shipments with care and efficiency. The app allows customers to track the shipments with the logistics provider – anytime and anywhere. It also allows them to book shipments, calculate the cost of sending shipments and discover how quickly shipments can be delivered. For the logistics provider, it is a complete back-office solution for shipments. Demo link – Shipment Tracking. Contact us for login credentials.

Product for forex trading applying a number of different technical indicators, proprietary algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, along with fundamental indicators to execute profitable trades. A unique feature is a graphical interface with Confidence Levels to choose the right moment to enter and exit trades.

Amplfy was one of the first platforms designed to analyze millions of social conversations to find out which ones a brand should care about. Amplfy platform helps with identifying the most influential conversations by using proprietary machine learning algorithms. The platform also gives insight into how best to “influence the influencers” such that they are more likely to share a brand’s message with their social networks.

Ukoot was one of the world’s first technology-events platform to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Venues, conferences, hackathons, and competitions were some of the categories covered in bringing the world together through live experiences.

BuzzGain empowers individuals and companies to “Do It Yourself PR”, by helping to listen, learn, analyze and engage with digital influencers on outreach efforts in an actionable fashion. The fee-based service provided, reduces costs of PR by at least 80%. Proprietary media databases have long existed to help PR professionals understand their targets by building lists and sending press releases. BuzzGain offers an actionable application, that facilitates engagement with mainstream & social media professionals without spamming them. Cataloging and indexing technology is automated through Machine Learning to research, discover, index and catalog over 500 Million blogs, 100 Million video bloggers, 50 Million micro bloggers, 1 Milion media properties including dailies, magazines, periodicals and Television / Radio. Now part of Meltwater.


Are you looking at innovative ways to use data assets from within and outside your enterprise boundaries to enable business growth, improve profitability & drive competitive differentiation? We have the experience, skills and tools you require to turn your data into your core strategic asset. Big Data Analytics is our core expertise and we offer the entire spectrum of data acquisition, data ingestion, data transformation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning. We have experienced resource pool in Big Data tech stacks such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, MongoDB, Hortonworks, Solr, Storm, Elasticsearch, OpenNLP, Python and R.


We go beyond business intelligence by using machine learning to help you achieve business insights and customer understanding. Our data scientists work with subject matter experts and use machine learning algorithms to create predictive models that provide value-add by potentially identifying new revenue channels, providing cost savings, retaining customers / employees, and optimizing business processes. Opportunities exist to affect both top and bottom line aspects of the business. We can also help you harness your existing data with connectors to open AI solutions such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Midjourney.


We help you to explore a journey where your devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. You may have a goal to boost your productivity, generate new revenue streams, enhance security or radically transform your service support – all of this becomes possible with our IoT offerings. Sakha partners with our customers to identify IoT business cases and put into place the technology to create entirely new business models and revenue streams, while reducing costs and boosting efficiency.


Our mobile app design & development services are integrated with product strategy and development, and include concepting and ideation, wireframes and user flows, UI and UX design and final polish. Our native iOS & Android app development services encompass the full process, from product strategy to App Store submission. Our project team is comprised of mobile experts who specialize in iOS & Android app design and development and have launched successful products for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Our enterprise mobile app development services include both internal, employee-facing apps, as well as customer-facing applications. We offer customized services to enterprises based on specific needs, including end-to-end app development, mixed-model team integration, and staff augmentation.


Blockchain-based technology could revolutionize business practices as we know them.

Sakha addresses blockchain and adjacent technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger and smart contracts. Sakha provides a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks. We also bring our strength in other technology areas to complement or combine with blockchain and help amplify its value.

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR).

Sakha helps educators and corporate entities unleash the transformative power of their content as real life stories via immersive media experiences. Our expert teams combine the expertise of SMEs, IDs, App Developers, Game Designers and UI & UX Designers to create an exhilarating technology experience. We have worked extensively on educational as well as corporate AR and VR experiences.

BPM / Workflow Solutions.

Sakha’s end-to-end BPM offerings span across the industry value chain. Sakha delivers significant business value to customers leveraging strong partnership with leading BPM product vendors, such as Pega. Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) with rich experience working with SMEs belonging to different product lines, deliver innovative BPM solutions and quickly build PoCs across domains leveraging our existing tools repository. Sakha also provides tailored solutions to suit customer needs and assist them in their automation journey.

Contact us today to know more about how we can help you with Digital Process Automation and Workflow Solutions, and how we ensure that we address process inefficiencies and gaps to realize maximum benefits. With better visibility and control over business processes, you can improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs.


We handcraft beautiful UI / UX designs that meet our client’s vision and goals. For us, delivering exceptional UX goes beyond being user-centered; it is about being content-centric. Our team of UX strategists, information architects, visual designers and content strategists look at all the touch points with audiences to craft innovative design experiences.

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