The Crucial Role of UX in a Startup Environment

UX is probably the last area a startup should skimp on, because of its crucial role in a user’s first impression of the product / service as well as reeling a customer back in. This SlideShare explores the concept of UX in a startup environment in brief.

Trends in EduTech

Educational technology is no longer relegated to computer labs or media rooms. Instead, laptops, tablets, Smartboards, and even cellphones are incorporated into everyday learning tasks. The result? More opportunities for students to access expert tools, collaborative learning, and tech-savvy skills. This SlideShare explores the current trends in technology in the education domain.

Lean Product Experiments

“Lean Startup” is a philosophy of viewing a startup as a scientific experiment in search of a business model. This concept began as a new idea and then became so popular people now consider it common sense. This SlideShare provides an overview on lean product experiments and how to benefit from them.

How Wearable Technology Can Change Our Lives

One of the primary causes for the surging interest in wearables is the promise that these devices hold for impacting so many different aspects of our lives. This SlideShare explores in brief how wearable technology can change our lives.