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Today’s financial institutions are compelled to deploy analytics and data-driven capabilities to increase growth & profitability, lower costs & improve efficiencies, drive digital transformation & support risk, and regulatory compliance priorities—all while supporting and driving the business strategy and priorities.

Sakha Global’s data analytics practice is comprised of subject matter experts and tech experts with real-life experience to help clients across banking and payments, capital markets, asset management and insurance industries. Our professionals can help organizations address data and analytics needs from strategy and design through to execution and technology enablement.

We will prepare your databases to ensure they’re ready for analysis and future decision-making.

We will prepare & clean data for use and perform a thorough quality check on every aspect of your company’s information before it is used for analysis.

We will break data down into its relevant segments to make it easier to work with in your business.

Using data previously gathered within your company, we can create predictive models showing what is likely to happen in the future financially.

We will collect data relevant to the actions and needs of your customers, based on past interactions and current responses.

We use advanced modeling tools to track and develop pattern recognition that will improve your businesses´ performance.

We use datasets to discover or make predictions on groups within your industry, effectively providing valuable insights based on your data.

We can create models that show past and future customer behavior, ensuring you act quickly when opportunity arises.

Data mining to identify irregularities, anomalies and potential fraud cases in accounting data.


Dealmaking in today’s data-fuelled business landscape means you have far more information to work with than ever before. But it’s the story behind the data that matters. With the latest technology and analytics, a strong bench of analytical talent, and a global network that brings together deep local and industry-specific deal experience, Sakha Global can help you uncover insights and identify lasting value.

Embarking on a new deal opportunity?

Crunching the numbers for a potential sale?

Wondering what roadblocks lie ahead that could delay your deal?

Looking to strengthen your portfolio with synergistic acquisitions?

We can work with you at any point in your journey to turn complex data into business intelligence. We can deliver the right advice at the right time to make the right decision. Sakha Global helps you set your sights and get there.

Growth story articulation

  • Improve understanding of market and growth drivers through enriched data and insightful analysis leveraging several third party data sources including social media.
  • Targeted performance analytics to test specific deal hypotheses, such as AB testing and propensity modeling to bolster the equity story.

Preparation for the deal

  • A prepared consistent base of data and key performance indicators to support the business plan, developing a consolidated set of information to reveal business trends.
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics to help support your business valuation and scenario.

Support with data-driven due diligence

  • Analysis of historical performance to enrich the Due Diligence and help support target management discussions with your team.
  • Opportunity to challenge seller’s assertions on past performance and plan assumptions through targeted hypotheses testing.

Forensic accounting

  • Data mining to identify irregularities, anomalies and potential fraud cases in accounting data.
  • Reveal outliers and trends in accounting data.

Proactive engagement with transaction stakeholders

  • Visualization tools supported by a dynamic online platform.
  • Real time response as deal evolves with consistent base updated with latest data room files.

Value creation

  • A ground up, data-driven approach to identify value creation levers alongside your operations team.
  • Predictive analytics and structured modelling to help inform ongoing decisions.

Performance transparency

  • Financial and operational planning, forecasting and management analytics.
  • Ongoing ability to understand and monitor business performance with additional data points.


Deal contracts digitization for the world’s leading independent financial advisory and asset management firm.

About the Client

The client is the world’s largest independent investment bank, with principal executive offices in New York City, Paris and London. It is a financial advisory and asset management firm that engages in investment banking, asset management, and other financial services primarily with institutional clients.

Business Need

Our client implemented a deals contract management platform and needed to populate the platform with information and metadata from its existing contracts. Doing this manually would require its legal team to review each contract, identify the relevant information and metadata, and enter that data into the platform. There had to be an easier – and cheaper – way.

Challenges and Requirements

  • Enable forensic accounting of deal contracts.
  • Eliminate human error & misses causing millions of dollar penalties to the firm.
  • Eliminate manual effort to rectify the errors.
  • Automate the manual audit process which needed several hours of lawyers & legal advisers.
  • Automate the manual effort to analyze the contract and reduce delay in response to regulatory requirements.
  • Unavailability of the information due to silo-ed approach.
  • No visibility to the contract terms, legal clauses, values, commitments.
  • Hard to understand the legal terms hence no visibility to impact in case of non-compliance.

Our Role

Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, we designed and automated the contract digitization process, including the extraction of key terms and clauses from the client’s deal contracts.

The solution was as individual as the client – we trained the machine to understand the client’s terms and provisions, and created a custom review workflow specifically designed for its deal contracts. We monitored the machine learning carefully to make sure that the outputs were of high quality and would deliver valuable insight from deal contract analysis in the future, including forensic accounting. The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to import the extracted deal contract information from our AI solution to the contracts management platform meant that the legal team were freed up to focus on value-adding activities.


Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM, MySQL, Hadoop, Hadoop HDFS, Apache Hive, Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Spark, and Stanford NLP.


Benefits to the client includes:

  • The client’s deal contract review speed increased 30-fold, at an eighth of its previous costs.
  • As well as these immediate efficiencies, the client’s contract performance analytics improved across all territories; the fully searchable database of terms bringing the opportunity for far greater insights and improved decision-making.
  • Forensic accounting of deal contracts was made possible, with streamlined and automated workflow.