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How Machine Learning is Redefining Competitive Market Intelligence


Companies have various strategies to ensure that their competitive intelligence discoveries lead to growth, profitability, and a maintained advantage for their company. If a company hasn’t added machine learning to its competitive intelligence tool kit, it means it can lag behind.

How Machine Learning is Redefining Competitive Market Intelligence2019-10-23T11:02:03+00:00

Team Lunch & Outings


At Sakha Global, we constantly encourage regular team lunches & outings to foster a strong sense of understanding, motivation, productivity boost, and recharge the workforce.

Team Lunch & Outings2019-06-28T08:08:52+00:00

The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading


Lazy loading images means loading artifacts such as images on websites asynchronously — that is, after the above-the-fold content is fully loaded, or even conditionally, only when they appear in the browser’s viewport. This SlideShare explores the concept of Lazy Loading in brief.

The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading2019-09-09T11:07:24+00:00

Prototyping for Speed and Scale


Engineers who get too hung up on perfecting a prototype often lose sight of the bigger picture and waste precious development time. This SlideShare explores ways in which you can speed up your prototyping process to get your invention or product to market faster.

Prototyping for Speed and Scale2019-08-02T10:42:31+00:00