Sakha Global Annual Day 2019

Sakha Global Annual Day 2019

The city of Bangalore is one which is characterized by fast moving lives. A fast paced Bangalore city life certainly calls for events which can bring employees out of their shell and provide an environment for rejuvenation & re-connecting with one another. One such event is the corporate annual day celebrations! It was time for the annual team outing for Sakha Global family. For 2019, we had this lovely corporate family event at the spacious Elim Resorts on Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. With high energy and enthusiasm, it turned out to be a memorable and exciting experience.

Annual day events are all about being the perfect blend of learning, bonding, fun and enjoyment, and the annual team outing at Sakha Global to celebrate 14 successful years provided all these and more! The underlying theme was the celebration of successes of Sakha Global during 2019 and outlining the path to the next level of goal achievements. The event was well planned, with team building sessions encompassed with important learnings, along with fun activities and entertainment.

Apart from knowledge driven sessions, the entire team also ventured into some of the adventure stuff and indoor games provided at the resort. Rewards were handed out to Sakha Global team members for their outstanding contributions towards the company. Trophies and medals were also presented to the most enthusiastic participants during Sakha Global sports events.

A high team spirit was clearly in evidence. The hospitality, food and stay at the resort were agreeable. Needless to state, the event filled us with tremendous happiness, fulfillment and confidence going ahead into the new year.

Here are a few pics from the event.





















































































































































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