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Common Mistakes Implementing DevOps and How to Avoid Them


There are many advantages to implementing a DevOps program within an SME, if it’s done correctly. However, since there is some confusion today about what DevOps truly means and what it can accomplish for organisations of all sizes, there are several pitfalls to avoid when undertaking a DevOps initiative. 

Common Mistakes Implementing DevOps and How to Avoid Them2019-07-16T06:01:39+00:00

Data Innovation Summit 2019


Sakha Global is proud to be a sponsor of Data Innovation Summit 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden - the leading business event for Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IOT insight. Drop by to our showcase booth!

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Machine Learning for Personalised Health


Today, computers can capture and analyze a staggering amount of clinical, genomic, consumer and imaging data to help clinicians and caregivers make informed care decisions at the individual patient level and, increasingly, prevent disease from occurring at all. This SlideShare explores the concept of machine learning for personalized health in brief.

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