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Blockchain – The New Technology of Trust


The blockchain has evolved into something greater. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology. This SlideShare presents an overview of Blockchain and how Sakha Global can help.

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Augmented Reality in Retail


The retail landscape is overcrowded and customers are becoming desensitized to traditional marketing methods. That’s where augmented reality comes in. As shoppers turn to a blend of online, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar shopping for their convenience, brands and retailers are having to think of new and innovative ways in which they can capture customer attention. This SlideShare explores the advent of AR in retail.

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Internet of Things


The “Internet of things” (IoT) is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work. But what exactly is the “Internet of things” and what impact is it going to have on you, if any?

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Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service


As artificial intelligence technology matures, businesses are including it in their strategic investment roadmaps. Customer service is an area where a lot of attention is being paid to reap efficiency gains. This SlideShare presents some of the ways that businesses are augmenting their customer care units with AI and how Sakha Global can help.

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